Les Papillons et Moi

Les Papillons et Moi is designed and created by Chantal Wehran, a textile & craft driven designer based in Amsterdam and Koblenz, Germany.

While studying at the Amsterdam Fashion Institute, which she will graduate from this fall, she focused on exploring different craft techniques with an emphasis on embroidery and machine knitting.

Based on her values: craftsmanship, individuality & longevity her designs are one of a kind pieces celebrating the uniqueness of the wearer and explore where art and fashion intersect.

The use of different up-cycling techniques are means to extend the life cycle of discarded and broken clothing and requires extra time and effort, challenging her to approach designing from a material perspective. Flaws in the fabrics are appreciated and viewed as signs of love and appreciation for clothing as witnesses of our life and if possible are integrated into the designs.

Her collections approach storytelling from a textile perspective and showcase topics of personal experience or to create awareness for environmental or social issues.

Les Papillons et Moi aims to empower and start conversations and  above all to inspire more appreciation and value for the clothing we wear.