The collection started with my personal confusion about my bi-racial background and understanding how it impacts me as a human. Growing up I‘ve often felt neither German nor Chinese enough, a feeling I know might never really go away. The process of making the collection was an investigation into my past and into the person I am at this moment. Despite the personal approach, I realised that other people share some of my feelings and so I wanted the collection to not only focus on me, but also be an exploration of the meaning of heritage in general.

Heritage often comes with boxes and stigmas, clichés and expectations, like invisible strings that we carry with us, influencing our behaviour towards others and ourselves. 


The culture we’re born into should never influence how we feel about who we are, whom we love, how we choose to dress or look or anything else, really. 


In the collection itself I play with different expectations and clichés surrounding German and Chinese culture that have influenced me personally. They are translated into the silhouettes, materials and techniques and everything is tied together by the Chinese Lucky Knot. It is a traditional Chinese craft I explored over the last couple of months, which is also a symbol for luck & good fortune that you gift family and friends to celebrate the new lunar year. 


Making this collection helped me understand that my roots don’t define me, but remain a part of who I am, a wonderful mix I decide to be proud of, cherish and celebrate.